Accounting Supervision & Management

Our Relationship Accountant will visit your office on agreed intervals depending upon the scope and nature of the work along with the time required to complete the assignment. All the data entry work has to be done by the full-time accountant of the company. Our supervision service will cover the below:

  • Review of books of account with necessary supporting documents will be carried out. Major observations which require management attention and actions will be conveyed depending on its importance.
  • To ensure that recognition of revenue transactions was properly made as per the accounting principles and in conformity with the nature of business and as per contracts.
  • Analysis of sales as per the contributions from different category of products, teams etc.
  • To ensure the payments made by the company are supported with proper documents and authorized by the concerned manager/owner.
  • Check whether the payments are entered on accrual basis and proper cut off procedure is done at the end of every month.
  • To ensure that reconciliation of bank accounts, customers’ accounts, suppliers’ accounts and other major accounts were prepared correctly and in time.
  • To ensure proper recognition of advances, prepayments, unearned income etc are done by verifying the accounting records and transactions.

At the end of every month or quarter, review reports will be prepared and issued to the management including the analysis of financial statements, financial ratio analysis, analysis on working capital, BEP, marginal safety etc. and our findings on the review of books of account.