“Greater goals are ignited by the power of your dreams and the merit of your goals decides the length of your Wings.”

After having worked in the global banking arena for more than a decade and a half, when I responded to my inner voice to build my dream company, I was not ready to settle for any less. Endless thoughts of countless days, intense planning and sleepless nights powered by hopes and prayers, helped me create this robust company named Domtax.
Today as we feel and enjoy the continued patronage from the delighted family of our elite clientele from across the world, Yes, by “Thy Grace”, we have every reason to be humbly proud and happily delighted.
I extend all the stake holders of Domtax, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude with the promise to better ourselves every day to serve you the best at all times. We try harder every day to bring constant improvement, to better the present and widen the future.

At Domtax, our service offerings are carefully designed and cautiously delivered to cover the wider spectrum of the business needs of the small, medium and emerging businesses in addition to the wealth, asset – management & protection and estate transfer solutions to its owners alike.

We are ready and equipped to assist, analyze and expand your business ideas with a detailed business plan, then to advise you on the most appropriate legal activity, the best suited jurisdiction and the most viable economy caretaking the vital requirements for the successful sustenance of the business. Further we help you hire the best talents, design and develop your finance, marketing and HR strategies. We maintain your books of accounts, act as your CFO, tax advisor and offer you specialist consultations, conduct internal and external audits, provide business advisory, financing your business needs and wealth management solutions to safe keep and grow your accumulated profits.

We can also manage the liquidation of the companies and can consolidate your global businesses and migrate your companies to the best suited jurisdictions for enhanced efficiency. We are fully equipped and ready to walk along your business journey.

If you have a unique requirement not covered under our bouquet of services, please feel free to discuss with us and we shall try harder to make it happen for you.

Our successful history is our pride, our unrelenting determination is our strength, we are powered by the passion to excel, the pragmatic thoughts and progressive attitude adds to our glory, our commitment and adherence to quality, ethics and morals reveals our character and the wealth of experience and the association with the people of importance and significance leads our way, always with the gracious blessings of the almighty.

I thank everyone and invite one and all to grow tall and stay protected under the Domtax umbrella, let’s partner this successful stride….

Mr. Priju Dominic
CEO – Domtax