Three more free zones added to the list of ‘Designated Zones’ under UAE VAT Law

The UAE VAT Law and the Executive Regulations provide for special treatment of Designated Zones.

Free Zones notified by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) are identified as Designated Zones for the purpose of UAE VAT Law.

In addition to the existing Designated Zones, FTA recently notified the following free zones as Designated Zones with effect from 18 June 2018:

  • Al Ain International Airport Free Zone (Abu Dhabi);
  • Al Butain International Airport Free Zone (Abu Dhabi); and
  • International Humanitarian City (Jebel Ali).

Given this update, it is very important to anlayse the VAT benefits that would be available to companies dealing in such Designated Zones.

Click here to view the full list of Designated Zones